Tips For Illustrators

  • Top Tips For Awesome illustrations

    1. Photo textures: Using photo textures in your work will add realism to it. Photo textures are pieces of a photograph which you can manipulate and mix up in your painting. It is the best for texture on clothing, skin, and nature detailing. For instance, you can create an illustration of an astronaut by using a photo of an astronaut in space.
    2. Texture Brushes: Use texture brushes to paint for that attractive effect on photoshop. A variety of texture brushes are trending on photoshop today and you may make use of them to get a realistic painting. Also, the dimensional effect can be increased with such brushes.
    3. Ambient Occlusion: A brighter painting with not just bright colors but also with better lighting is important to express an idea. An ambient occlusion is simply applying a universal lighting scene which completes half of your painting. It reduces theapplication of more colors also. You need not have to worry about making up for holes and other minor mistakes when you apply ambient occlusion for the whole illustration
    4. Natural Color Palettes: One important tip for beginners is to use natural colors rather than choosing bright colors. Though bright and vivid colors are tempting, limiting to natural colors adds reality to your paint. Especially while illustrating nature. Natural colors are also the best to paint people showing makeup, bodies, skin with various shades of brown for instance.
    5. Noise Filter: In terms of digitization noise filter is a quick fix if you forget to use proper brushes or colors. To do this, you can just add a new layer and fill it with gray color. Go to filter, add noise and adjust to 15%. You can also consider reducing opacity. But one should be careful about adding noise, too much of it will ruin the whole painting.
    6. Additional light sources: Portrait painting is a must do for every artist atleast once in their lifetime for that satisfaction of being an artist. They are great both for developing techniques and experimenting with various lighting setups. Photographs are the best way to study about lights. There are various types which include: Rim lighting, backlighting, ambient light and different combinations of light. Adding a light source is like adding life to the work overall. Experimenting with different colors can bring out something unexpected in a better way though.


    Adopting simple formulas can express a complicated idea in an easier way through illustrations. So it is important for an artist to know the formulae for expressing ideas in an understandable manner. A realistic painting is illustrative by itself. Each artist has their own style of painting while digital painting has its own way of enhancing an idea. It is best suited for illustrations on the e-platforms. Web designing, business portals, creative for promotional activities online etc. need such digital paintings for illustrations. The demanding is increasing with increase in online business and online education. Almost everything happens in a browser these days and hence, illustrating well in the world of competition plays an important role.

    A realistic digital painting by an experienced artist is also paid well and a great source of income considering the need for illustrations in the digital industry. Hence, choosing illustrations as a career will be a good option for budding artists. It is also an avenue to explore and experiment with passion.